As language specialists, we offer an exceptional service for one of the most regulated fields in the world – clinic trials. Our linguists have expert knowledge of this area of medicine, providing accurate, effective translations – which meet demanding regulatory requirements – to tight timescales. In this blog, as part of Clinical Trials Day, we place clinical research translation under the microscope.

Translations for clinical research

We are all aware of the global importance of clinical research, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic. Clinical research is responsible for testing the pharmaceuticals and medications that many of us rely upon for our continued health and wellbeing. Accurate clinical research translation plays a crucial role in avoiding potentially hazardous miscommunication.

At Albion Languages, we can translate a wide variety of medical documents from protocols and pharmacological studies to informed consent forms, patient questionnaires and interactive voice response (IVRS) prompts.

Communication within the clinical trial process is often between clinicians and patients. It is therefore vital that all patient-facing materials are translated to accurately correspond to patient reading levels, and take into account cultural aspects to avoid causing offense or misunderstanding.

Clinical trials – the legalities

Thousands of drugs undergo clinical research and clinical trials across the globe. As experienced language specialists, we understand that each study and trial needs to adhere to strict rules and regulations, which may differ from country to country or even from region to region.

To be able to administer a new medicine in a global study, that medicine needs to meet the complex legal clinical trial requirements for each individual country involved. All the supporting documentation, research records and reports need to be submitted in a format which can easily be understood by the representative body.

We ensure each document meets the industry’s strict regulations and is localised to the extent required for the country and region being targeted. This ensures accurate interaction with no potential for miscommunication.

Accurate Clinical Research Translation

The Albion Languages experts have extensive experience in working with leading clinical research organisations and pharmaceutical companies within the medical industry. So whether you need clinical trial documentation, case reports, patient information leaflets, or any other clinical certifications translated, you can trust our expert team of linguists. Get in touch today.