Achieving international recognition for your brand may seem a daunting prospect, but, with the right experts on board, your business can do just that. The importance of speaking the “right” language is never more important than when you are trading globally, as Albion Languages CEO Alistair Binks outlines in this blog.

What is it important to look for when considering potential language service providers?

It can be tempting for businesses to choose a partner that provides the basics at low cost. However, to make a successful transition from domestic-only to international trading, you need to consider added value. This consists of experience, insight and understanding. Extensive experience in the sector you operate in, valuable insights into that sector, and a profound understanding of your business’s aims. That can only be offered by a partner that works very closely with you and genuinely listens to what you need.

What are the key questions to ask?

Over the years, we have seen a real shift in what customers are looking for. They don’t want a quick-fix, anonymous service. They want to put a face to the name of the person (or people) they are dealing with. They want to know who to contact if they need to discuss things in detail. They want a holistic service that covers their needs as people, not just as a business. Consequently, our aim as a language service partner is always to focus on the customer. To get to know them, open the lines of communication and keep them open, to ensure understanding on both sides.

Can you give some insight into how Albion Languages works with its customers?

Steve Jobs once said: ‘Get closer than ever to your customers.’ This is in many ways how we work, and we have found that it enables us to offer a service that goes much deeper than translation. Of course, our service is meticulously researched and of the highest quality and our sector knowledge is second-to-none. Our customer relationship, though, is always the cornerstone of our work. After all, without that, how could we understand the nuances of their business and what they want and expect of us? Check out our new video on how strategic consultancy and outstanding translation services from Albion Languages can empower your business to succeed internationally.

What do you think is key for businesses moving into the international space?

The real value in any business is not always about money — the best price does not necessarily equal the best service. Value for money is about getting the service you need, are comfortable with and would choose again, with a partner ready to go the extra mile.

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