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Localise your software and mobile applications in a more dynamic, streamlined way than you could imagine with our software localisation services!

We ensure comprehensive project management in all design, linguistic, testing, programming and reporting phases, all ensured by our comprehensive quality assurance system.

We offer complete solutions

We offer complete project management in all design, linguistic, testing, programming and reporting phases, all ensured by our comprehensive quality assurance system.

  • Our localisation services are based on our wide-ranging expertise: decompilation, text extraction, analysis and integration, dialogue box resizing, compilation, builds, and extensive usability testing.
  • With the help of translation memories and databases, we can leverage translated texts to ensure user interface consistency and reduce translation costs at the same time.
  • Our technical team is able to translate, localise and test help programmes in a variety of formats.

Our localisation process

There are no two identical software projects. The localisation process can thus vary from project to project, although our core tasks remain the same:

  • First, we evaluate the scope of the project. This phase includes quoting, as well as technical analysis and scheduling.
  • Then we assess the scope of the work process with discussion of translation and technical issues.
  • Following the project kick-off meeting, we prepare, customise and update the glossary.
  • The next step is the completion of verification tests and development of the first test files – the main objective of this phase is to verify operability.
  • The verification tests are followed by the software localisation phase – including text extraction, quality assurance and compilation, build creation and testing, corrections and revisions, updating, final testing and release.
  • The next step is help localisation, including text extraction, translation, quality assurance, integration and recompilation, functionality testing, language testing, corrections and revisions, and final testing.
  • Finally, the test phase and quality assurance of the documents are followed by final project integration and delivery.

What languages is it worth translating into?

The target languages depend on individual needs and the target markets. If necessary, we can make suggestions for the appropriate target languages in the preparation of the projects or the preliminary needs survey.

What makes Albion Languages the ideal partner?

With 20 years’ experience and a wealth of international references, we have built a good understanding of our clients’ requirements. We pay particular attention to ensuring that our processes are simple and fully transparent. At the same time, our dedicated contact persons are there to inform you in detail about all matters and listen carefully to your concerns.

We offer strong guarantees, without equivocation. We are always ready to go the extra mile, whilst our project management and professional, multi-stage proofreading mean that we can guarantee the highest quality. 

Every year, we complete more than 10,000 successful projects for the most renowned companies in the world – we would be honoured to serve you too! Just put us to the test!

Albion Languages in figures

  • tapasztalat 20 years of experience
  • orszag 40 country presence
  • forditas 46 target languages
  • projekt 10,000+ successful projects every year
  • szo 30 million words translated per year


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