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English is the international language of the modern age. From science and technology to business and entertainment, it encompasses all industries and transcends cultural and language barriers. Spoken by 340 million people as a mother tongue and 510 million as a second language, it is the most widely used language in the world and the most requested target language in translation.

With such a large number of English speakers across the globe, finding the exact right translator for your needs can be quite a challenge. Everyone claims to be highly proficient, yet proficiency in English alone simply does not guarantee quality in English translation. Worse still is to make the mistake of assuming that the ability to write convincing, attractive copy in your native language will cross over easily when translating into English. English is the number one language in marketing and thus demands nothing short of excellence.

You need a native English translator that can effectively convey your message while using the right specialised terminology and the appropriate style and tone. If you’re searching for the key to international success, trust Albion Languages for expert English translation.


The Albion Advantage

Albion translators and proofreaders all share the following skill set and background as a guarantee of a high-quality English translation. 

albion_ikon_pipaNative English speakeralbion_ikon_pipaUniversity degree in translation / specialised fields
albion_ikon_pipa5 years’ experience in translationalbion_ikon_pipaThorough knowledge of industry-specific terminology
albion_ikon_pipaExtensive background in specialised fieldsalbion_ikon_pipaSkilled in completing complex translation projects

Our English Translation Service




We offer translation from all European and most Asian languages into English and are able to handle all subject matter and file types. And that’s not all! With extensive translation teams in the United Kingdom and the United States, we will go beyond translation to adapt your content for the specific English-speaking audience you want to reach.

Your translation project will be:

  • Managed by a dedicated project manager
  • Translated by an experienced and specialised translator
  • Checked by a meticulous, native-language proofreader
  • Honed by a creative transcreation specialist when necessary

Your customers are communicating and sharing information in English, and you should too. When you want to take your brand to international markets, trust Albion Languages for expert English translation.

  • tapasztalat 20 years of experience
  • orszag 40 country presence
  • forditas 46 target languages
  • projekt 10,000+ successful projects every year
  • szo 30 million words translated per year

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