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  • Communicating effectively in logistics and supply chain

    The logistics and supply chain sector has experienced extreme challenges during the Coronavirus pandemic. A survey conducted in March by the Institute for Supply Chain Management found that nearly 75 per cent of companies reported supply chain disruptions in one form or another due to Covid-19-related transportation restrictions.

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  • Difference between UK and US Legal Terminology

    Aside from enjoying a common language, the US and the UK share rich and complex historical roots embedded into almost all parts of their respective cultures. From the legal systems, political ideals to their shared love of patriotism, these two countries are comparable in many ways.  Read more »

  • 5 Language-Focused Activities in Budapest

    On 07-09 June, translation professionals from all over Europe will visit Budapest, Hungary to attend this year’s memoQfest. Translators, project managers, and translation agency executives will find countless opportunities for networking, learning and exchanging ideas throughout the 3-day conference.

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  • Localisation challenges of Central European languages: Hungarian

    Over the next three months, we’ll be presenting our insight into the Central European languages in a special blog series. Our aim is to provide a useful linguistic and cultural guide for companies and organisations seeking to localise into these challenging languages.   

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