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  • Difference between UK and US Legal Terminology

    Aside from enjoying a common language, the US and the UK share rich and complex historical roots embedded into almost all parts of their respective cultures. From the legal systems, political ideals to their shared love of patriotism, these two countries are comparable in many ways.  Read more »

  • The Best Online Terminology Resources

    A quality translation demands attention to detail and devotion to accuracy. Finding the right word is essential – especially when translating highly-specialised medical, technical or legal texts. In addition to paper dictionaries and client glossaries, all translators should have a few credible and reliable online resources at their fingertips. The list below is packed with the top ten best dictionaries, glossaries and terminology databases available online. Read more »

  • What’s in your toolbox? The methods and tools behind terminology management

    What’s in your translation toolbox? You’ve got the latest CAT tool and that hip new QA software, but something just seems to be missing. Without a terminology tool, odds are you’re currently spending a lot of time researching industry and client-specific terms. Worse still, you may be using terms inconsistently or incorrectly – you’re missing key definitions and rules. Read more »