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  • Tell a joke day – potential banana skins when translating humour

    There are many intricacies in language and one of the trickiest to reproduce in translation is humour. Translating humour is far from easy as jokes can take many forms and humour often varies between cultures. Sunday 16th August 2020 is ‘tell a joke day’, and, to mark the occasion, our language experts are discussing all things translating humour and why poorly translated humour can leave the joke on you!

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  • Transcreation – what it is and why you need it

    Transcreation plays an important part in translating content – whatever the language. Transcreation is based on the idea that certain translated texts need adapting to ensure the tone, context and colloquialisms make sense in the local language. Direct translations of specific words and phrases must be relatable in different countries and cultures where humour, syntax and cultural norms may differ. Put literally, the word transcreation itself is derived from ‘creative translation’. In this blog, our language specialists answer your questions…

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