As content translation and localisation experts, we understand how growing your business internationally can be a daunting and stressful process. Stress is undoubtedly one of the biggest public health challenges of our time. A UK-wide survey by The Mental Health Foundation found that almost three-quarters of adults (74%) were so stressed at some point over the past year that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. In this blog, we’ll show how working with a reputable translation specialist can reduce stress levels, empowering your business to communicate successfully with potential customers in your chosen markets.

A partner you can trust

As experienced translation specialists, we appreciate that much of the content supplied to us is confidential in nature, and so ensure it is handled in the strictest confidence.

We safeguard your confidential data in numerous ways. Firstly, we control access, by allocating specific experts to your project and making them fully accountable. We don’t print anything unless it is unavoidable, and anything we do print is then either shredded and recycled, or kept in lockable storage cabinets. Finally, all our technology is fully equipped with antivirus software and transfer of confidential data– where required – is carried out using the most secure channels.

Timely turnaround

Our team is always committed to providing you with a top quality translation service, while our dedicated contact person is always on hand to answer questions as they guide you through the process.

We understand that translations can often be urgent, but we will never sacrifice accuracy or service quality simply to beat the clock. We are dedicated to getting it right first time and have the team and resources to meet short timeframes without ever compromising on our exacting standards.

Precise and meticulous

It is vital that the translations we provide are technically accurate. As specialists in our field, our team provides highly fluent translations in dozens of language combinations across a wide range of commercial, legal and technical fields.

Good language translation is critical. Anything less than a perfect job creates risks: from personal liberty and protection in legal matters, to sales and brand reputation in business and marketing, and even to life and limb in technical and medical communications.

Translation and localisation are technical disciplines in which cultural understanding, sensitivity to tone and subject matter knowledge are key to delivering a document that ensures absolute precision in communication.

Culturally aware

Expanding your business internationally can be daunting. Acquiring a thorough working knowledge of a market and working hard to build a successful business takes time and so it is only to be expected that successful international growth will not happen overnight.

It is vital to perform due diligence when you are planning to launch abroad. When it comes to translation during the product development and launch process, it is very important to also consider the need for localisation and transcreation.

Every society across the globe has its own different sociocultural norms, traditions, and values. Your translations therefore not only need to reflect your core messages, they also need to consider and be sensitive to cultural differences.

Trust the experts

As reputable translation specialists with years of experience, we can help to reduce the stresses surrounding international expansion. This can then empower your business to communicate successfully with potential customers in your chosen market.

Our friendly, efficient service is underpinned by deep awareness of the importance of our work. To discover how the localisation and translation experts at Albion Languages can take the stress out of your international expansion, just get in touch with us today.