We at Albion Languages are proud to announce that the Association of Freelance Translators and Interpreters has recognised one of our project managers, Piroska Ténai, for her outstanding work with translators.

Piroska was nominated by a freelance translator for the association’s Most Translator-Friendly Project Manager of 2016 award.

This award recognises translation project managers who have consistently gone above and beyond what is expected of a project manager in assisting translators throughout the translation process. Nominees are known for their friendly attitude and open personality; they are always willing to help and answer questions. Overall, they are dedicated to making translators’ lives easier- something which is not easy to do in this industry! :)

The freelance translator had the following to say about Piroska:

“Piroska is without a doubt one of the best of the best! Extremely accurate, very approachable, highly organised for projects well in advance, dedicated to keeping deadlines; all of the above and more. She has the friendliest attitude out of any PM I’ve worked with in the past. She is always ready to help, even outside of her working hours when needed (a particularly special quality that reveals that her work is her passion). Piroska is thorough in her understanding of the requirements and subject-matter of each and every project, ensuring that she delivers clear and precise instructions to the translators. She always knows exactly what’s going on throughout the translation process, and she is ready to help resolve issues as soon as possible, often before they even arise!”

Upon being nominated, Piroska said she shed a few tears.

 “I never expected to hear such kind words about my work! I have simply always believed that to do this job well, you have to put your heart and soul into it,” said Piroska. “I try to get to know the people behind the emails, and that helps me see what I need to do to make sure that both the client and vendor are happy. My translator colleagues have become my friends. A few of them even call me at the weekend for technical support!”

We’ll keep you posted on who eventually wins the award. Until then, congratulations on the nomination, Piroska!



Piroska Ténai, Project Manager at Albion Languages



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