Websites are a staple of the modern world with statistics showing that there are over 5.25 billion active Internet users worldwide. These users have a range of over 1.9 billion websites to choose from on the world wide web, with each of them having been carefully designed and built by a web design team. Today we are celebrating Web Designer Day and taking the opportunity to focus on what is needed to make a good international website.

The importance of having a website

Your website is your online shop window, which allows potential customers from all over the world to learn what you offer and how they can find you. For many customers, your website will be how they get their first impression of your business. Web designers have mere seconds to get visitors hooked and encourage them to continue their journey through your website.

As soon as your potential customer lands on your website, it should be clear straight away who you are and what you offer. The first thing you see on our Albion Languages website is ‘perfect communication in any language’ which makes it immediately clear where our specialism lies.

Your website shouldn’t be a maze, a test for the customer, rather it should be as easy as possible to navigate. Web designers also aim to be mindful of offering obvious calls to action (CTAs) to lead your customers on a clear and well-communicated journey through your site.

How can I build a website?

There is a wide range of website building options available, such as Wix, Squarespace and GoDaddy. Here at Albion Languages, our website is built using WordPress. WordPress is the world’s most popular website building platform, with over 40% of all websites on the Internet being built in this system.

The value in localising your website

Localising your website can drastically increase your appeal to customers from other parts of the world! If, for example, you are a UK-based company looking to sell your product or service internationally, then localising your website is a must.

By translating your website into other languages, you can open your doors up to so many new customers! With 450 million native Spanish speakers, 1.3 billion Chinese native speakers and 342 million native Hindi speakers worldwide, you can open up to over 2 billion more people by just translating your English website into a further 3 languages. Add website localisation into the mix and your translated website will act and perform as if it were built for each specific target market.

The art of website localisation
Website localisation is the process of adapting an existing website to the local language and culture of the target market. This isn’t the same as merely translating the text used on a website, as localisation needs to be designed into a website, to ensure respect for the different linguistic and cultural contexts.

Research published by the Harvard Business Review illustrates how 72.4% of website consumers are more likely to complete an online purchase if the website is available in their native language. When it’s done well, website localisation provides a customised user experience in which those navigating the site would feel totally “at home” with the brand.

How Albion can help fine-tune your website

The team at Albion Languages understand the importance of accurate and well-designed website localisation. As your online shop window, your website needs to ensure your business and its products and services are seen as desirable by many target audiences across the globe.

Get in touch with our team today and find out how Albion Languages can help ensure your website can really communicate with your worldwide customer base.