The view from the ATC Language Summit 2016

From 22-23 September 2016, Albion Languages sent two delegates to the 40th ATC Language Summit in London, UK. For those who missed our social media updates during the event, here is a special peek into our travel journal.    

Day One

The climb to the peak of translation innovation began on 22 September. More than 200 delegates from over 35 countries gathered in the regal halls of Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. Networking had already begun, and a flurry of voices rose and fell to the beat of camera flashes.

As high noon approached, the conference kicked off with a stirring presentation by Translators Without Borders. Speaker Aimee Ansari demonstrated the organisation’s efforts to ease the suffering of those caught in the current refugee crisis. The audience responded well to the powerful call to action: We can use translation and interpreting services to help those who need it most. Language matters!

From there we jumped into the technology strand. Five speakers rose to present innovative methods for incorporating technology into translation processes and business management. The panel of five included Kantan MT’s Brian Coyle, Literra Translation’s Ilya Mishchenko, Lingua Custodia’s Olivier Debeugny, SDL’s Neil Ferguson, and XTRF’s Andrzej Nedoma. Topics ranged from real-time quality management for translation automation and the role of technology in translation, to in-house translating, automation in management processes, and the future of process automation in translation.

When the sun finally set over the spires of Westminster, the first day of the conference drew to a close with a fabulous GALA dinner. Albion delegates were pleased to watch the very first ATC Award Ceremony honour talented linguists, salespersons, and project managers. Most impressive was the Eichner Distinguished Service Award, given in memory of Fred and Nelly Eichner, founders of ATC and survivors of WWII. (Read about them here 

Day One thus ended on a high note, and we couldn’t wait to see what lay ahead on Day Two. 

Day Two

We approached the edge of the summit on the blustery morning of 23 September. Blue skies welcomed us into the conference hall for the first presentation.

VoiceBox Agency’s Helen Bowdren gave us an exciting insight into the brave new world of voice-over translation. Titled “The Next Big Thing” in translation, we learnt how to meet the growing demand for video translation. The highlight proved to be a video of Adele’s Hello, strained through multiple layers of Google Translate, therefore emphasising the demand for quality video translation in a humorous way. 

The climb progressed throughout thought-provoking presentations on translation sales, business management, and company growth. Gabriel Nagy from 1-Stop Asia used examples of amusing English-Chinese mistranslations to illustrate the risks of translating without full understanding of the various main languages in Asia.

The day ended with presentations from Arancho Doc’s Roberto Ganzerli, Capita TI’s Antonio Tejada, Treehouse Strategy’s Steve Chu, TransPerfect’s Benny Orr, and Argos Multilingual’s Kimon Fountoukidis. Themes included growing profitability from within, putting the translator back at the centre of localisation, business model innovation, M&A and exit strategies, and international acquisition.

Frequent tea and lunch breaks throughout the conference presented excellent opportunities for networking. It was a truly wonderful way to make connections and exchange ideas!

By the end of the 2nd day, we were sad to leave. The 40th ATC Language Summit was really a great success. We at Albion Languages would like to thank the organisers for arranging a fantastic event in London. See you at the next summit!


View from the QEII Conference Centreimg_6622

Presentation by keynote speaker, Aimee Ansari, Translators Without Bordersimg_6638

The impact of technology in the modern world and in translation, by SDL’s Neil Fergusonimg_6672

Amusing mistranslations from Gabriel Nagy, 1-StopAsiaimg_6688

Quite the eye-catching title by Treehouse Strategy’s Steve Chu!img_6699

“This is the evil M&A guy that everyone should stay away from!”- Argos Multilingual’s Kimon Fountoukidis img_6655

Fabulous Gala Dinner fullsizerender-10

Alistair Binks, Managing Director of Albion Languages, meets with Cecilia Maldonado, Managing Director of SpeakLatamimg_6681

Albion’s Managing Director, Alistair Binks, and Marketing Assistant, Charlotte Fellows, eagerly await a day of presentations





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