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With almost every other industry out there busy automising, what is the situation in the translation industry? Although translation automisation is fairly new by industry standards, it’s clearly going to make a massive impact upon the way both translation buyers and translation agencies deal with translation management. As we love being at the forefront of everything tech-related, this week we’re going to be taking a look at translation automisation and how it can help you.


How does translation automisation work? 

To put it simply, the goal of translation automisation is to remove the burden of as many manual tasks as possible from project managers and translation buyers. This way of managing translation workflows speeds up everything for all of us, whilst also helping to reduce labour costs.


How translation automisation can help translation buyers

Translation technology can be set up to automise almost anything, which includes key steps like quoting. A number of modern CAT tools give translation buyers the chance to get automised quotes, so they don’t need to wait a couple of hours for project managers to put it together for them. They can also use automisation to confirm the quote so that work on the translation can begin straight away. Such solutions also offer clients the opportunity to check in on the translation, so they can keep informed of the work in progress. In addition, they can even check the quality while work is in progress!

Another way translation technology can help translation buyers is by integrating their CMS (content management system) with their TMS (translation management system). In this way, when they get their website content translated, they don’t have to worry about manually extracting the content and then uploading it again manually as everything is done at the click of a button. Also, when you’ve got new products or content going online, you can get the related texts sent automatically to your translation agency, so that they’re translated and published online without you needing to do anything.


How translation automisation can help translation agencies

It’s no secret that project management can be pretty labour-intensive, with lots of effort going into even the smallest of translations. As people power costs money, one of the ways that translation agencies are making savings is through translation automisation. At the same time, it can also make project managers’ lives a lot easier in the process, too!

By setting up different workflows, PMs can simply programme everything into their TMS and then press go. This means that the workflow steps are automated, so that projects can be sent between translators, proofreaders, and PMs automatically. Translation automisation can also help PMs deliver projects to clients once QA checks have been done.


While these may sound individually like little changes, it’s exactly the combination of these changes that can make the world of difference. We can guarantee that once you give translation automisation a try, there’s no going back! So if you’d like to get started, get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help suggest an appropriate solution.



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