Translation Internships Offer a Unique Learning Experience

Translation student Anna Miklósfalvi had an 8-week internship at Albion Languages this summer. In this post, we talk about her experience at Albion and her hopes of becoming a linguist in the future.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

“I am a singer in a choir, a student of Tai Chi, and a lover of all things science fiction and fantasy.”

What is your academic background?

“I have always loved reading, even in English. This drove me to graduate with a BA in English Studies. Later, I spent a year refreshing my German knowledge, and after much deliberation, I ultimately decided to pursue an MA in Translating and Interpreting at ELTE University in Budapest. I am in my second year of the programme, and my time at Albion was my compulsory internship.”

What first piqued your interest in translation?

“When I was 13, I was such a Harry Potter fan that I simply could not wait for the Hungarian translation of the fifth book to come out. I made (what seemed to me at the time) the daring decision to read it in its original English. I soon started to translate the story for my little brother while reading aloud, and quickly realised that I had an inherent interest in translation.”

What made you apply for an internship at Albion Languages?

“I liked the fact that Albion offered a paid, full-time internship, which is rare in this field. I also appreciated the fact that unlike other translation internships, it required working in the office, which I saw as a great opportunity to learn from the many experienced translators at the company.”

How did you find the application process?

“It wasn’t easy, but I made it! I had to work on two short texts; one to translate and one to proofread, as a test of my linguistic skills. Then I had to complete an excel document to test my computer skills. The final task was to send it all back on time!”

Let’s talk about your role as an intern!

“Following an extensive training session in which I worked on projects with the lead linguist, I was given solo projects just like the other translators in the office, although under closer supervision. Most were medical texts, such as guidelines for using hearing aids and ultrasound machines. I was surprised; I wasn’t sure at first that such specialist texts would be interesting, but they were! I learnt such a lot.”

What memories will you take with you?

“The trips to the company headquarters in Tata, Hungary, were the best part of the internship. I loved biking to lunch around Old Lake, taking walks through the office gardens, and meeting colleagues at the Albion Day garden party. Their translators often took the time out of their busy days on a number of occasions to go over my projects with me, offering very helpful advice for which I am very much grateful.”

What do you feel you gained from this experience?

“Experience is the right word, indeed! This internship was the absolute best that I could have received. I gained valuable insight into translation processes and software, including tricks of the trade. I liked being able to participate in every step of the translation process, including quality control and proofreading. I learnt so much. Everyone was very helpful and willing to offer advice, and I feel that I made some friends as well.”

 Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

“Well, Albion actually offered me a position as a linguist after I graduate! I hope it will work out as it is a great opportunity. I am also considering applying for an internship in audio-visual translation, to see if I could tackle the challenge of dubbing and writing subtitles.”

Do you have any advice for potential future interns at Albion?

“If you are eager to learn, and open to working on projects outside of your areas of interest, then this is the place for you. You have to put in the work but it is absolutely worth the effort.”

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                                                                               Anna Miklósfalvi, former linguistic intern at Albion Languages


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