In the translation industry, project management plays a crucial role in the success of a project. With the sector enjoying impressive growth, translation agencies need to deal with many new projects every day. The variety of topics can be very extensive, from localising a high school certificate to translating the manual for a medical device.

As you might expect, it isn’t all the same which translators are allocated which texts. You will obviously not receive the same quality translation of a text on a medical device from a legal text translator, as you would from a medical translator. How is it possible then to maintain a high level of quality, with so many fields involved?

Ensuring the success of a translation project

Our firm belief is that key element of the solution is to have dedicated project managers (PM) for our clients’ translation projects. A dedicated project manager means that each of our clients’ orders are processed by different PMs, who are “specialised” in the given client. Thus, in a short time, the PM gets to know the key topics for that client and is able to select the translators capable of providing the highest quality translation.

Industry specific training

As a company that works with numerous clients, we have found that this to be the best way to co-operate in the long run. But, before a PM can be allocated to one of our clients, they first need to undergo client-specific training. Thus, when they get into contact with the client for the first time, they are already familiar with the processes, requirements and quality standards. This helps to avoid any initial difficulties, and also results in swift communication and efficient translation project handling, right from the outset.

Having a dedicated project manager for a client has many benefits, such as making daily communication run more smoothly. It will also help the project manager familiarise him/herself with the client’s standards and project types more quickly and result in consistent high quality.

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