Quality is the Key and This is How We Achieve it at Albion Languages

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John Ruskin once said, ‘Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of an intelligent effort’. At Albion, we firmly believe in this quote and strive harder every day on each project to ensure that all of our clients receive the very best translation possible.


It is not easy to achieve quality in the demanding field of translation. Even the shortest sentence can have various connotations and differing context, but with our dedicated and expert team and many years of experience, we have equipped ourselves to handle every project on its specific merits. We know that there are no easy routes to success, it can only be achieved by hard work, thorough preparation, and even learning from our mistakes. So, if you are wondering how we do it, then read on


Establishing accuracy, consistency and quality control


This is done at two distinct levels: firstly when selecting translators for our teams and secondly when translating the text.

We have a process of strict initial testing of all our translators, followed by continuous supervision and feedback to improve and maintain the highest quality.

With 18 years’ industry experience, we’ve assembled a rich collection of resources and guides that direct the process, while we make available a wide array of software and other tools to translators to ensure quality.


Training translators, project managers, and other staff


We believe that training is an investment in the future of our business. This is why we apply an extended training period. Each linguist is gradually introduced to projects under the monitoring and supervision of senior staff. If the linguist is in-house, they spend three months under close supervision. The subsequent year also includes constant feedback and mentoring by senior, experienced colleagues.


Checking quality at each step in the translation process


Every project is guided by a project manager who keeps a strict eye on quality and progress during the translation process. Our PMs are dedicated to individual clients and thus know the requirements and expectations of our clients very well. The translator teams keep tracking their progress and hold regular meetings to discuss the challenges they face.


Tracking linguist performance


The team lead performs QA, layout checks and shared proofs with every linguist. Translators are ranked and rated by the proofreader after each project in the form of both a score and with detailed feedback in our TMS. This helps to provide each team member with quality and performance data.


State-of-the-art TMS


Our TMS is highly effective and failsafe. All data and client information is stored securely and can only be accessed by team members. We do not use machine translation and pride ourselves in the abilities of our linguists and translators.


Albion has a presence in 40 countries, translating 30 million words into 46 language combinations every year, in 10,000+ successful projects. All of this is made possible by our very capable, experienced and determined team, our strict quality-focused measures and guidelines, and in our shared commitment to quality at all times. If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch.


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