Visiting our Scandinavian Family at NTIF 2016

On 24-25 November, Albion Languages sent three delegates to the 2016 Nordic Translation Industry Forum. Managing Director Alistair Binks, Vendor Manager Petra Kis-Jakab, and Marketing Assistant Charlotte Fellows made the trip north to Malmö, Sweden. This was our first time at NTIF, and we intended to make the most of it!

Nordic Translation Industry Forum 2016 kicked off on Thursday afternoon with a welcome speech by the event’s founders, Cecilia Enbäck and Anne-Marie Colliander Lind. As managing directors of a Swedish LSP and consulting company respectively, these two are strong forces in the language industry and are particularly influential in Scandinavia. Their warm welcome immediately assured us that this was to be a relaxed and fun conference. Cecilia and Anne-Marie share a great sense of humour and it seemed to be contagious. All the presentations that followed offered more than a few chances to laugh.

Keynote speaker Michael Booth did just that with his funny (and some would say brave) presentation of the five tribes of Scandinavia. Author of An Almost Nearly Perfect People, he sought to reveal the truth behind the Utopian myth of Scandinavia by introducing the Scandinavian audience to their neighbours, and ultimately, themselves. He hoped that in this way, he could help language professionals improve work relations with Scandinavian companies.

“Let me introduce you to the big dysfunctional family of Scandinavia. You have the Swede, the older, serious brother; the Dane, the black sheep of the family; the Norwegian, the country cousin who enjoys the simple life outdoors; and the Finn, the crazy uncle.”

He had the audience crying tears of laughter. It was a great way to break the ice and get the conference underway.

We also enjoyed insightful presentations about developments in the language industry. LanguageWire’s Henrik Lottrup gave thought-provoking tips on how to thrive in a transforming industry. Buyers now demand value-added language services and translation suppliers must adapt and provide stand-out content.

Other presenters offered ideas on improving how we market our translation services.

Mingling expert, John DiRico from Wordfast taught us about how to survive small talk. Through exercises in “power poses” and understanding our fears behind meeting new people, we learnt that mingling didn’t have to be a nightmare. What’s more, it is a very simple way to expand your network and develop your company’s brand voice.

On Friday, Marketing expert, AnnSi Krol, from Bybrick Insight & Amec presented a new idea to shake up traditional marketing philosophy: Audience is king, not content! Know your audience! Translation buyers want to spend, invest, and enjoy their time online. They don’t want to waste precious time staring at your boring content, so fine-tune it to their interests!

And of course, there wouldn’t be a language conference without a wild party and delicious dinner. We loved the endless plates of fresh salmon and other Scandinavian dishes. We must also thank the excellent coverband, Najz, for allowing us to dance the night away!

By the closing of the conference on Friday evening, we asked ourselves where the time had gone. Between presentations and meeting so many potential partners, time seemed to fly by. But as they say, time flies when you’re having a good time. Thank you to Cecilia and Anne-Marie, and to all those who made our trip to NTIF a success. We look forward to strengthening our connections with Scandinavian partners, and can’t wait to attend Nordic Translation Industry Forum in 2017! :)


Malmö Live: A stunning testament to Swedish architectural design


Cecilia Enbäck and Anne-Marie Colliander Lind


Michael Booth, author of An Almost Nearly Perfect People


Just a few of the many colleagues who met with us on Thursday and Friday


Dancing the night away…before 9 am presentations the next morning!

Check out these wonderful sketches of the presentations by Linda Saukko-Rauta!

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