What Makes Automotive Translation Special?

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Translation requirements differ from one industry to another. Different language is used in medical translations and legal translations. So what makes automotive translation so special? In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the features of an automotive translation company, and explore what makes it so different compared to standard translation.

Revved up to be an automotive translation company

An automotive translation company deals, at least in part, with the translation requirements of the motor industry. While this may seem straightforward, automotive translation is less like driving on a straight road and more like trying to parallel park on a hill on a busy day: there are more things to consider before you even get started.

Two keys elements of translation

An automotive translation company relies on a combination of two things:

  1. Specific automotive terminology
  2. Extensive knowledge of both the source and target language

While this may seem similar to other industries, the motor industry is a continuously innovating field, and so automotive translation companies need to be active to keep up. The lexicon of automotive terminology changes as cars and other vehicles become more complex, adapt to new pressures in terms of cost, efficiency and environmental friendliness, and attempt to stand out from the marketplace.

More than just individual words

An automotive translation company needs to address more than just a single word or phrase at a time. With the “phrasebook” being updated all the time, the company needs to develop the tools to be able to translate specific and precise phrases into multiple languages, without losing their meaning. There’s no room for paraphrasing in automotive translation. The patterns of words in automotive translation aren’t as consistent as in other industries, and the standards aren’t as common as one might hope for.

Multiple source languages

The biggest complication as an automotive translation company is that multiple source languages may describe the same part in different ways, based on the limitations and uses of individual languages. With car manufacturers operating worldwide, and marketing and technical information required worldwide, there is increased pressure to develop a toolset that allows translation for the benefit of this globalised marketplace.

A wide audience

Whether it concerns construction vehicles or personal transportation, the machine industry has a wider market than most industries a regular translation agency addresses. An automotive translation company needs to address materials to:


  • Laypeople, consumers, those looking to purchase personal vehicles
  • Manufacturers, looking for parts for use in engines and other machines
  • Procurement managers, who assist in the production process
  • Marketers and salespeople, who seek to sell either parts or entire vehicles and need strong knowledge of the product


With so many specific needs and audience requirements, an automotive translation company has to learn to target materials in multiple ways, across several languages, for use in different media.

Why use a dedicated automotive translation company?

Experience is essential, and a dedicated company can ensure your translation requirements are met at top quality. The alternative is an inaccurate translation which can result in:

  • Errors in purchasing, resulting in returns and a loss of profit
  • Safety risks
  • Manufacturing delays
  • Damage to reputation

By choosing an automotive translation company over a standard translation agency you can protect your company’s standards and profits.

How can we help?

With over 20 years’ experience in automotive translation, we’re experts in the field. Take a look at the languages we can offer, and get in touch for a quote for your automotive translation needs.



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