Albion Languages is proud to announce the selection of XTRF as its translation management system provider. The configuration process was set in motion on the 9th of August, and the transition to the new system will proceed with extensive training and support from XTRF. The system is expected to “go live” this December.

XTRF is specifically designed to address the needs of translation agencies. It brings together management of clients, vendors, projects, invoices and much more into a single advanced and highly customisable tool that agencies can use to manage all of their operations.

“We were looking for a system that would optimise our business, and XTRF exceeded our expectations,” said Péter Márton, Finance and Resources Manager at Albion Languages. “It is exactly the type of flexible, customisable, and user-friendly system that we believe will revolutionise our processes, and provide clear, visible benefits for our vendors and clients.”

Albion Languages found XTRF to be a distinctly innovative system in part due to its special Smart Projects functionality. Automated mechanisms for nearly all manual tasks will increase productivity and speed of delivery, whilst eliminating the risk of errors and reducing costs. Other features include a clear project schedule, and streamlined execution of projects involving multiple languages.

XTRF believes that it is very important to partner with translation agencies that are always looking specifically for new technologies,” said Katarzyna Kołtun, Technologies Deployment Expert at XTRF. “We are happy to work with Albion Languages in a joint commitment to the future of the translation market.”

Albion Languages is looking forward to a bright future for technological innovation in the translation industry, with XTRF providing the management solution. For more information, contact us at Be sure to look for an update on the official launch in December!

About Albion Languages: Founded in 1999, Albion Languages offers translation, localisation, and interpreting solutions, with the aim of placing the client at the centre of attention in each and every project. Our dedicated employees and specialised translators combine translation expertise with a flexible, personal service to deliver thousands of translations a year in over forty-six different languages.

About XTRF: Launched in 2004, XTRF has since risen to become one of the most popular management systems in the translation market. Its innovative cloud-based system offers a user-friendly approach to management systems which reduces the need for repetitive manual tasks, cuts costs for clients, and improves turnaround time.

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                                      Albion senior and project managers meet with XTRF’s Technology Expert, Katarzyna Kołtun (second from left).



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