The UK economy is currently undergoing major transition. If your business is pivoting to enter new markets and Go International, we could have good news to help you right now. A government-funded grant programme has just been launched for UK companies like yourselves. The grants can be used towards a range of services that enable your business to go global, including translation and localisation services. Here’s our guide to how grants for translations could support your ambitions for International growth…

What funding is available for translation – can I get grants to translate my website and more?

The new funding is available from The Department for International trade (DiT). The total sum available is £38 million and the scheme is set to run from 2020 to 2023. The funding is expected to be able to support up to 7,600 SMEs in Internationalising their businesses.

The Internationalisation fund grants can be used by eligible businesses for a variety of purposes specified by DiT. These include social media, market research, SEO, consultancy, independent market visits and, of course, translations, to name just a few.

Grants for translations can be especially useful as translations are an investment that can really help build trust on international markets. Translation services assist brand communications across a broad spectrum, optimised by localisation and understanding of local consumers and their needs. Businesses who don’t fully consider the needs, tastes and lifestyles of their target markets run the risk falling at the first hurdle. Adapting your brand to accommodate these is crucial to your international success.

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Is my company eligible for an Internationalisation grant?

The new funding is only available for SMEs (small / medium sized businesses). To qualify as an SME, your business must have no more than 250 employees and be based in England. The business cannot be more than 25%-owned by an enterprise that does not qualify as an SME. Other stipulations for the Department for International Trade grant include that your business’ annual turnover should not exceed £50 million, or the annual balance sheet be greater than £43 million per annum.

The available grants will be match-funded and range from £1,000 – £9,000. To secure a grant, businesses need to fund some of the costs themselves – the amount varies from 40-50% and is based on where your business is based. Find the full details of grant eligibility here.

What can translation grants be used for?

So, what could you use the Internationalisation grant for at a professional translation service provider like Albion Languages?

  • Localisation – make your brand resonate and be sensitive to local culture and tastes
  • Transcreation –adapt your marketing and brand communications to suit international markets
  • Website translation – localise your website into the native languages of your target customers
  • Brochure translation – present your products and services like a local

How can Albion Languages help in Internationalising your business?

At Albion Languages, we like to think we’re a little different from standard translation companies. Accurate, informative translations underpin everything we do, of course, but we believe there’s a lot more to success in international markets. We are ready to guide businesses every step of the way as, along with overcoming language barriers, entering new markets requires a thorough understanding of local market tastes, needs, and culture. It is our belief that localisation should cover everything your business does internationally. Our experts work with you to ensure your brand communication is successful overseas and help you handle language barriers. The grants now available from the DiT could potentially be used for any of our services. We’ve helped many SMEs launch their businesses internationally – we’d love to find out how we could assist you too!

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If you’re already planning a specific translation or localisation project, please contact our experts!