When you communicate in English alone, you’re reaching out to about twenty percent of the world’s population – and only just over five percent of people are native speakers. To put it another way, one hundred percent of your efforts are ignoring eighty percent of those who could be reading your message. In this blog post, we’re going to explore three benefits of translation services for your business to help you focus your full attention on the audience that’s out there waiting for you.

Translation services provide a means of connecting with more people

It seems simple, right? If you speak more languages, you can talk to more people. Doing that continuously is about more than just knowing a few key phrases. When you work with a translation service provider, you’re telling your customers that you want to make a long-lasting connection with them, regardless of where they live, or what language they speak.

Translation services let you communicate with people using the words they’re familiar with

Direct translation – the sort you can get from an online dictionary – can only show you how to say something if you were speaking your own language. While your local customers might understand the slang or colloquialisms you use in your marketing materials, your potential international customers won’t understand what you mean – or worse, they’ll be offended by something you’ve said without you realising.

This is where translation services come into play; they offer more than mere direct translation. The benefit comes from having a professional team take your message and make it sound as natural to people in other countries as it does in your own.

A translation service lets you connect with your customers’ culture

Allegory, euphemism, and metaphor are such a natural part of language that we sometimes forget we’re even using them – and that people around the world use them in different ways.

By using a translation service, you get more than a glorified dictionary: you get a voice that speaks in the way your customers understand, using expressions that are familiar to them, in the language they speak.

With English only the third most spoken native language in the world, can you afford to miss out on those customers who don’t understand it? If you answered ‘yes’, then you could be limiting your business’s potential. If you answered ‘no’, then you understand that a translation service that offers long-lasting connections with more people can help your business grow.

Your home is wherever your customer is

If you want to turn the world into your hometown and reach more people who understand your message as if you had lived next door to them all their lives, then a translation service like ours is the key to speaking their language. The magic word behind all of this is ‘localisation’, the art of adapting your specific message to truly connect with people in a different country, who speak a different language.

Localisation lets companies all over the world take their products and services into new regions, speak with people in different languages and with different values. Rather than always setting up a new office, or relocating existing staff to faraway countries to get the feel of a neighbourhood, so to speak, one of the many benefits of translation services is that you can save time and money by using the help of an expert.

Contact our dedicated team of experienced translators, and together we’ll make your message something to talk about, in any language!