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  • workflow management 4

    Selecting the Right Translation Workflow Management Software

    Translations can be difficult to keep track of, especially when translating into multiple languages or adopting a lean content translation approach. Thankfully, there are solutions available to help make the process easier and less stressful, so you can focus more on what matters. In this blog post, we’re going to look at some of the features and benefits of translation workflow management software as a way to take translation management to another level.

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  • Writing for translation1

    Writing for translation

    When you know you’ve got to prepare a document that is going to be translated into a number of different languages, writing with translation in mind could save you lots of time and money. But how to get it right? Here are our top tips for when you’re writing documentation for a global audience.

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  • terminology management3

    Terminology Management

    Terminology tends to go hand in hand with translation. But how does terminology management actually work? While it essentially describes a set of activities that ensure the right term is used throughout your translations, let’s find out more about the process that lies behind it.

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  • creative translations

    Creation, creation, creation – is translation really a creative art?

    With the world getting smaller and international business growing bigger by the day, it’s no wonder the translation industry is booming. As translation encompasses pretty much everything from complex medical documents to classic literature, it’s never long at some point before a translator is faced with a more creative text. Creative translations require a special touch – but, as LSPs or translation buyers, are we really within our rights to expect every translator to be creative? Read more »

  • Why have a style guide for translations

    A Guide to the Benefits of Translation Style Guides

    Translation Style Guides: Are They Necessary?

    The primary goals that drive any international marketing strategy are the expansion of your consumer base, and subsequently your business revenue. This is achieved through effectively translating your unique brand identity in order to connect with potential consumers in new markets.

    A successful marketing approach needs to ensure high-quality translations and the consistency of your message across all platforms, in order to allow you to speak directly to each of your customers as clearly and in the same tone in any other language as you do in your source language and local markets. This is where translation style guides can come in. These invaluable tools offer clear benefits in assuring contextual accuracy and brand conformity in all of your translations.

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  • The Best Online Terminology Resources

    A quality translation demands attention to detail and devotion to accuracy. Finding the right word is essential – especially when translating highly-specialised medical, technical or legal texts. In addition to paper dictionaries and client glossaries, all translators should have a few credible and reliable online resources at their fingertips. The list below is packed with the top ten best dictionaries, glossaries and terminology databases available online. Read more »